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November 27, 2014 nathanopdecoul

Providing an affordable alternative to the current digital music education services around Melbourne.

Melbourne DJ School isn’t a traditional school. You decide when you attend and when you don’t.  In fact, you don’t even have to get out of bed. We can come to you. See our suggested school uniform.

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Connecting DJ teachers with eager students

We pride ourselves on connecting students who are keen to learn the art of DJing with knowledgable DJ teachers.

Our DJ Lessons won’t woo you with fancy warehouses full of DJ equipment or the most expensive DJ gear on the market. Don’t expect to be playing on a pair of Pioneer CDJ2000-Nexus’, because there is no need! Melbourne DJ School trains on a variety of equipment (Mostly pioneer). However it’s important to try different pieces of kit in order to develop yourself as a more versatile DJ.

Once you have mastered beat-matching and mixing, you can apply your knowledge to any type of DJ equipment. We supply you with the fundamentals of DJing and music production at a fraction of the cost.

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Life is full of too many choices.

We do two things, and we do them well.

What Melbourne DJ School does best

Which will you chose?

You come to us.           We come to you.

What about the internet?

There is an absolute sh*t load of information out there on the internet on how to DJ and produce. We will help you source this information during your DJ Lessons and enable you to apply it benefit your experience. Check out our video of the week post here:

Melbourne DJ School’s Video of the week

Do you want to produce DJ mixes and show you how to post them up onto Soundcloud? Melbourne DJ School can show you how to do this. See our Ableton Lessons Page for more details.

What makes Melbourne DJ School unique?

Our staff and culture pride ourselves on being fun, laid back and enthusiastic about DJ education. Life is too short to be serious, have some fun with it and live a little. DJ Lessons Melbourne.Book DJ Lessons now

We are Melbourne DJ School and we are different.

DJ Lessons in Melbourne should be cheap

Connecting DJ teachers with eager students

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