Ableton Lessons Melbourne

Ableton Lessons Melbourne

Lesson Structure

We build your understanding of Ableton software from the bottom upwards. Experience in music production not essential, but is welcomed. In your classes some of the elements you will be taught include:

  • Familiarisation with the software and shortcuts
  • Kick, Bass and side-chain compression
  • EQuing your various elements to sit nicely together
  • Percussion, claps and snares
  • Leads and Vocals
  • Track structure and form
  • Plugins

Ableton Lessons Melbourne

Who teaches Ableton lessons at Melbourne DJ School?

Click here to view our teacher comparison page and see who is experienced in teaching Ableton and music production.

Should we come to you or you come to us?

It is almost always preferable for you to come to the Ableton instructors place when undertaking Ableton lessons. This is because our teachers will almost always own higher quality equipment (Studio monitors and sound-cards). Moreover these set-ups are not portable to bring around. Producing off laptops can be done if the Ableton teacher were to come around to your place. This can make the process more time consuming.

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What version of Ableton your teachers run?

This will be depended upon the Ableton teacher. You will need to ask them however most of our instructors are running Ableton Live 9, the most recent version.

Internet Information

There’s a mountain of information and youtube videos about music production using Ableton. We actively encourage you to source and digest this information. You will be helped to find the best youtube channels and videos to assist in the development of your music production. You may find our Video of the week blog posts useful in sourcing this information.

What does it cost?

Typically Ableton lessons cost slightly more than traditional DJ Lessons. This is because the content being taught requires a more experienced understanding of music. Each instructor charges a slightly different rate though. It’s best to view our DJ teacher comparison page to select the most appropriate Ableton teacher for you.

Should we take DJ lessons first, or Ableton lessons?

We usually recommend developing an understanding of DJing before taking any Ableton lessons. This is because the concepts are a little easier to grasp in DJing. An understanding of DJing can assist the transition to Ableton very smoothly. However It isn’t essential to start DJing first, many great DJs such as Disclosure started producing first before DJing.

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Why should I take Ableton lessons anyway? I want to be a DJ!

These days it’s impossible for you to make a name for yourself without producing your own music. Gone are the days when simply being a good DJ was enough. You must have a firm understanding of the elements taught in music production lessons in order to make your own music. You can use this knowledge to push your own sound to record labels.

Plugins and Purchases

Setting yourself up well to produce music isn’t exactly cheap. There are quite a few purchases that you may need to make in order to get yourself production ready. The Ableton software itself will set you back over $500. It’s important to have a decent pair of studio monitors and a couple of plugins to get you started. We can assist you in showing you where to purchase and which items to purchase in your initial lessons. These purchases aren’t essential, it is possible to mix in your headphones on a laptop. However this does make starting out a little harder.

Ableton DJ Mixes or Production?

Our teachers are capable of teaching how to make DJ mixes in Ableton in addition to the production of your own original tracks. DJ mixes are a little easier and can be grasped in 3-4 one hour lessons. Ableton production can take a bit longer to develop a firm understanding.

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