We come to you.

What we will bring to your DJ Lesson

Our DJs each have different sets of equipment however the fundamental principles of DJing applies across the entire range. It is important to view and compare the different equipment that our DJs use on our DJ Comparison Page We recommend that you try multiple types of DJ equipment to increase your versatility and adaptability when DJing around Melbourne. DJ Lessons Melbourne.

Each DJs equipment is listed in their respective page. To see what equipment they own click here: then goto your tutors personal page.

DJ Lessons Melbourne Equipment

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What we need from you

There are 3 things to provide when your Melbourne DJ School tutor comes around:

  1. Table or surface for the DJ Equipment (Trestle table in size)
  2. Access to 1 powerpoint from the surface provided
  3. A eagerness to learn how to DJ

It’s that simple!

Powerpoint DJ Lessons Melbourne

Terms and Conditions

Melbourne DJ School's Terms and Conditions

Some of our DJs require a minimum time to be booked through this option. Please confirm with your teacher before committing to this option. DJ Lessons Melbourne

Also some of our DJs allow you to bring along friends to each lesson to distribute the costs amongst yourselves however please note the following:

    1. You will likely be sharing equipment and the experience will be less individually catered to your level of progression.
    2. The lesson will likely progress more slowly to ensure that every student understands the concepts being taught.
    3. Ideally you would want no more than 2 people per deck however as a means of keep the cost down some teachers welcome the option of having up to 4 people per deck.
    4. As an example, if the charges are expensed at $60 per hour, and you have 4 friends in the lesson, that’s $15 each per lesson. Pretty cheap hey?

FAQ’s:DJ Lessons Melbourne FAQ

Can we buy Ableton lessons under this method?

This is possible depending on the teachers preference. However it is highly not recommended. This is because our Ableton and music production teachers will almost definitely have a higher quality set-up (Studio monitors and sound design equipment) when teaching. So it is recommended that you come to us.

What is the minimum spend if you come to us?

It depends on the teacher’s hourly asking rate. Also some teachers may have a minimum number of hours as it takes time to setup and prepare for the DJ Lesson.

Why is the pricing different when you come to us?
  1. You may notice that there is a pricing difference when you come to us. There is sometimes a minimum hourly charge when we come to you. It’s a more expensive option than coming to us because of the time requirements involved in set-up and travel.
  2. You are however able to invite more people when we come to you. This is because most of our tutors operate from their private residencies and the liability increases with the number of people attending. When it’s in your house, you will assume the liability of your mates and thus we are more comfortable with a greater number of people.  If you want to have a larger number of people at your lessons to divide the cost further, this is a more cost effective option. Feel free to host a DJ instructor party!

Service Range

Every DJ’s service range is different, it’s important to clarify this with your DJ when you book in your lessons. Please ensure that you check how far the drive is from your instructors house before you book as there are additional costs for travel time that is excessive. DJ Lessons Melbourne

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It is expected that at all times you treat our teachers with respect. If at anytime our teachers feels unsafe in their environment they have the right to discontinue the lesson and you may not receive a refund.

Please note that prices vary from instructor to instructor, depending on the distance of travel and the type of DJ lesson you book.