You come to us.

What should I bring to my DJ Lesson?

  1. Pen and Paper
  2. A willingness to learn how to DJ
  3. Suggested Melbourne DJ School Uniform
  4. Laptop and USBs with plenty of space (Ableton Lessons only)

It’s that simple!

Paper to bring

What we will provide

Each tutor has their own different equipment, see their individual pages to see which equipment each tutor has.
(Remember that the equipment is going to make a nominal difference to your ability to DJ as the principles taught are the exact same)

Melbourne DJ School Equipment

Terms and Conditions

Melbourne DJ School's Terms and Conditions

Booking through our DJs usually go for 1 hour at a time however you’re more than welcome to book a longer lesson if you wish. Please keep in mind that your attention span and ability to absorb content decreases. Learn to increase your attention span prior to your lesson here.

You may invite friends along to your lessons when you come to us, however please clarify this with your DJ teacher before you book the lesson so that they are aware. This will keep the costs lower as the price of the DJ Lesson is usually divided amongst yourselves.

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Keep in mind

  1. You will be sharing a deck amongst the amount of friends that you bring.
  2. Ideally you would want no more than 2 people per deck to get the most out of the DJ Lesson.
  3. The larger the number of people invited, the slower the DJ lesson will progress to ensure that everyone understands the content.


Can we have 3 friends along and only pay the DJs hourly rate even if we all share the one DJ deck?

Yes however please read the “keep in mind” component above. The larger number of people the less you will receive out of the DJ or Ableton Lesson.

Why is the pricing option different for when you come to us?

  1. You may notice that there is a pricing difference when we come to you. There is generally lower minimum number of hours when you come to us. This varies from teacher to teacher. It’s a cheaper option than if we were to come to you because of the time requirements involved in set-up and travel.
  2. Also there may be restrictions with the amount of friends you can invite when you come to us. This is because most of our tutors operate from their private residencies and the liability increases with the number of people attending. If you want to have a greater number of people at your DJ lessons to divide the cost further, it may be a more cost effective option if we come to you.

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Please note that Ableton lessons rarely work if we come to you. This is because the instructor will almost always have more a sophisticated equipment set-up (Studio monitors and Music production equipment). 

 We are Melbourne DJ School and we are different.

Why are we different?                                   Because you are.

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